Website Update

Welcome back to  Over the last few weeks, the site has been hacked, and even though I was able to correct the issues, I have updated the site to a newer version of Joomla, which is the content managing system I use to run this site.  This should prevent this from happening again.  Anyway, enjoy the updated site.  I will making some new tweaks for selecting season on various pages in the future.


The 2012/2013 season schedule is now up.

Ridge 2 @ Hessville

The Ridge 2 @ Hessville game has been postponed and has been rescheduled for March 11th, 2013. The online schedule has been updated accordingly.

Season Updates

Sorry that I have not been making news posts this year, it has been very busy. Here are some notes from the season so far.

There have been 2 .800 nights:

11/26/2012 Dave Walters
12/10/2012 Dave Walters

There have been 5 1.000 games:

11/12/2012 Steve Mitcheltree Game #2 (4/4)
11/12/2012 Don Eldwardt Game #3 (6/6)
11/26/2012 Dave Walters Game #3 (6/6)
12/10/2012 Dave Walters Game #3 (4/4)
12/17/2012 Jim Belansky Game #2 (5/5)


Bug Report/Site Updates

I am still working on correcting flaws on the website, I believe that things have finally slowed down for me so I should be able to work on it over the next few weeks.  Below is a list of known problems, please comment on this article to let me know if you find more.


Clicking on a column header takes you to an error page
Clicking the Printable link takes you to an error page
Clicking the Printer icon takes you to an unusable page


Everybody is Ridge Methodist #3 2/28/13
No season selection
Show team by year in career stats


No highlighting features (such as team and rookie) 2/26/13
.800 games are all 0 2/26/13
Printable link and Print icon work, but is no longer printable after changing date or season
Difference from last year not working 2/26/13
Difference from last year not qualifying previous year 2/27/13


Edge of page is cut off on right side 2/27/13
.800 Night is empty 2/27/13
1.000 Games is empty 2/28/13
Difference from last year is empty 2/28/13

Better table spacing


Future page
This page will give lists of 1.000 games, .800 nights, 4 HR games, and Grand Slams by date.


Future page

This page will let you select which type of stat page you want to print and put it all on one web page.  It will split them into the appropriate page separation for printing. It will also allow you to subscribe to and e-mail where it will send the PDF each week when I tell it that all stats have been uploaded. This will likely not be ready until next season.


Missing Officers, Rules, etc.

Stat Corrections

10/1/12 Hessville vs Ridge 1 Game 2

Increased Don O'Brien RBI by 1
Decrease Larry Temple RBI by 2

Season Updates 2

2/11/2013 Bob Neyhart 1.000 Game - Game #2 (3/3)

I also did not mention earlier that Rich Wells hit a grand slam on 10/3/12 Game #3

Tie Breakers

It is quite possible that the championship could come down to a tie breaker for the second straight year. The tie breakers are as follows:

If Ridge 3 and Griffith 1 tie, Griffth 1 wins
If Ridge 3 and Ridge 2 tie, Ridge 3 wins
If Ridge 3 and Ridge 1 tie, Ridge 1 wins
If Ridge 2 and Ridge 1 tie, Ridge 2 wins
If Ridge 1 and Griffith 1 tie, Ridge 1 wins
If Ridge 2 and Griffith 1 tie, Griffith 1 wins (they play each other, but in the scenario that their records match for the season, Griffith 1 will have the better head to head)

Stat corrections

12/10/12 Griffth1 @ Hessville Game 1: Alex Collison was corrected to 2 RBI instead of 3, Rich Wells was corrected to 3 RBI instead of 2.

1/14/13 Ridge 2 at Griffth 1 Game 3: Keith Howard and George Cook was corrected to 9 AB's instead of 10., Craig Clark  was corrected to 6 AB instead of 5

2/4/13 Griffith 1 at Griffth 2 Game 2: Patt Gill was corrected to 2 triples instead of 2 singles

I am currently in the process of going through all of the games and double checking the stats.  If the captains or someone on each team would like to check through their sheets as well, it is recommended. Two people checking will always find more errors than one. Some of the errors are on the score sheets and others are in my data entry, as it is easy for me to put the stat in the wrong field, or look at the score sheet wrong.

Also, if you see that your own stats are incorrect, please let me or your captain know.

Thank you Rich Wells for your help, and thank you to anyone else that does as well.

Delayed stats

There are errors on the Ridge 1 @ Griffith 2 score sheets for 3/4 the will delay me getting the stats up on time. I can however, announce the scores... 

Could someone with good recollection of these games please call me! 219-730-3786

Game 1 6-5 Ridge 1

Game 2 6-3 Griffth 2

Game 3 4-3 Ridge 1